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In-laws are often a touchy subject in a marriage. As Stacey points out, they can stretch us in new ways. But they’re not the family we grew up in, which can cause discomfort from time to time.

Our Hopes–Part 2

Last week Sara reflected on what she hopes to gain by staying home with Gus. This week it’s Justin’s turn, and he sees a lot to look forward to.

Study Finds First Year of Marriage Is Not the Happiest

Does marriage begin at its high point, with couples enjoying their greatest life satisfaction during their first year together as husband and wife? According to research conducted in Australia, the most satisfied couples were those married 40 years or longer.

The Marriage Challenge No One Is Talking About

A new State of Our Unions report warns that raising children outside of marriage is becoming the new norm. It urges national leaders to pay attention to family structure and the effects on children’s well-being.

Wonder-full Children

A trip back home to the beautiful Black Hills rekindles Josh’s sense of awe and wonder. He reflects: “If I want our family to have a spirituality of wonder, I need to find ways for us to experience moments of depth and mystery where we live.”

Are We There Yet?

Sara is not looking forward to a 10-hour drive to visit Justin’s parents. But she realizes the importance of giving both sets of grandparents the opportunity to get to know Gus.

Peacemakers, Born and Raised in Families

The family has a vital role in fostering peace according to Pope Benedict XVI in his message for the Jan. 1, 2013, World Day of Peace.

No One Here But Us

Josh and Stacey are considering a new school for Oscar. As they ponder their decision, Josh writes: “There is no one here to guide us, and we can only try to inform ourselves and make a reasoned judgment. It is not easy, and it feels like the stakes are high.”

Church of the Home

What does it mean to be the “domestic church”–the church of the home? Justin and Sara offer some practical ideas for the Advent and Christmas season.

Immigration Reform: Keeping Families Clearly in Mind

Scripture “is filled with migrating people who journey toward God,” said Archbishop Wilton Gregory in a speech encouraging strong support for comprehensive immigration reform. His speech, given at a conference sponsored by the U.S. Catholic bishops, highlighted the bishops’ concern that “family reunification remain the cornerstone of our nation’s immigration policy.”

Making Straight and Smoothing Out

Stacey reflects, “The season of Advent is a beautiful counterpoint to the busyness by providing us an opportunity again each year to make sure we are on the right path to draw closer to God. But in marriage and family life it isn’t just about us. It is also an opportunity to make it easier for those most dear to us to draw closer to God as well.”

Winning the Lottery

Each day Sara passes by the gas station where a $300 million lottery ticket was sold. She muses on what she and Justin could do with all that money, then reflects that they’ve already hit the lottery with Gus.

Finding Christ During Advent

Does the holiday season leave you over-tired and overwhelmed? Do you need a bit of hope? Several wise observers, including Pope Benedict XVI, encourage us to look for signs of Christ’s presence in the world.

Raising Saints

Josh says that his kids are captivated by stories about saints. He reflects, “Raising saints has to be about cultivating a life in which each child can blossom with the gifts and personalities that they were given by God.”

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving gives Sara an opportunity to enjoy her new niece and for Gus to entertain the grandparents. Sara reflects: “We need to place value on family time, not just as the three of us, but also with our extended family.”

Poverty, Chastity and Obedience…For Us

Do the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience really apply to married people? Yes, says Stacey. She explains why these practices are not just for priests and religious.

We Believe

Justin reflects, “This week our parish invited me to come speak to our RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) class about the Creed. It was a real blessing because it forced me to take a fresh look at our fundamental beliefs and renewed my sense of wonder about the mysteries of our faith.”

“Marital Confidence” Linked to More Couple Time

A new study proposes that spending time together can serve as a sign to a husband and wife of their mutual commitment and interest in the marriage. The researchers found that the level of confidence spouses felt about their decision to marry influenced how much time was spent with each other later.

Voters Approve Same Sex Marriage in Three States

Voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington have approved the legalization of same sex marriage in their states. Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to announce soon that it has accepted one or more cases involving same-sex marriage.

A Citizen of the Nation, a Citizen of Heaven

As Oscar prepares to vote in his class’s mock election, Josh offers some wise guidance. He observes: “The new task of parenting a middle-schooler became clear to me: we have to form him in a way that will allow him to form his own conscience.”

Back in the Saddle

Sara returns to work after maternity leave. How do she and Gus deal with the adjustment?

A Parent’s Prayer

Stacey admits she’s been a step off her game recently, not able to engage the children as fully as she would like. The answer? She shares a prayer that she’s found helpful.

Sex Talk

Sara has been invited to speak to a class on human sexuality at a state university. She says: “Although it shouldn’t have surprised me, talking to this class made me realize that many of these students saw sex simply as recreation.”

Do Wedding Rings Have Any Real Meaning?

In popular culture, a wedding ring’s significance would probably be that it conveys that a person already is married. Do wedding rings have more meaning for Catholics?

Rusty Statuary and Living Images

Josh likes to think of himself as the strong, silent type, but after a serious conversation with Stacey, he realizes that this image had to change. He talks about the need to let it go.

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