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St. Patrick’s Witness: A Call for Young People and Newlyweds

Pope Francis looks to Saint Patrick as an example for young people and newlyweds to remain firm in their faith and boldly proclaim the Gospel.

Baby Steps in Combat Boots

In their last post, Tim Bishop reflects on the need to always grow in the spiritual life, drawing inspiration from saints and childhood memories to rediscover the beauty of the Faith.

Celebrating Advent as a Family

Celebrating Advent as a Family

The Advent season this year begins on Sunday, November 27th. How does your family celebrate Advent? Here is a list of time-honored traditions to prepare your hearts and home for the coming of the Christ Child.

On Relics and Romance

On Relics and Romance

What could relics – for example, a body part of a saint – possibly have to do with romance? The author writes about praying in front of a relic of St. Francis Xavier (feast day: Dec. 3rd) and what it taught him about marital love.

Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood

“This book bothered me right at the beginning. Something about the cover image — a woman wearing a polka-dot dress, 3-inch heels and a halo while sitting on a cloud — turned me off. The word “bodacious” made me wonder if the book should be taken seriously. So what made me change my mind?”

Married Saint of the Month: Blessed Franz Jagerstatter (1907-1943)

The Second World War produced several saints; one of them was Blessed Franz Jagerstatter, husband, father and Austrian conscientious objector.

Married Saint of the Month: St. Gianna Molla

Our Married Saint of the Month series continues with a 20th century model of holiness. St. Gianna Molla, a doctor and mother of four, made a parent’s ultimate sacrifice: giving up her life for the life of her child.

Married Saint of the Month: Blessed Peter To Rot

This month our series on married saints features Blessed Peter To Rot, a lay catechist who ministered during the Japanese invasion of Papua New Guinea.

Married Saint of the Month: Blessed Giuseppe Tovini

Not every saint exudes great charisma or accomplishes heroic works. Blessed Giuseppe Tovini achieved sanctity by fulfilling the ordinary duties of husband, father and citizen.

Married Saint of the Month: Elizabeth Ann Seton

This year, as part of Catholic 101, we begin a new series called “Married Saint of the Month.” We’ll feature a man or woman who responded to God’s call to holiness through the vocation of marriage. Our series begins with Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born canonized saint.

Saints on Call: Everyday Devotions for Moms

When we need help or encouragement, it’s nice to know that we can turn to those special friends of God–the saints. These short biographies of 50 female saints will delight and inspire the reader.

How Saints Are Made

How Saints Are Made

What does it take to be declared a saint in the Catholic Church? How many saints does the Church recognize? Can anyone become a saint? Here’s a step by step guide to the process.

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