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Happily Even After

Thanksgiving Litany

November 21, 2011

Growing up it was our family tradition (as I suppose it is in many families) to mention one thing we are grateful for from the past year as we gather around the Thanksgiving table.

Looking over the last year through the lens of this blog I find I am grateful:

For days that feel long because I get lots of chances to love my children right where they are. And if I mess up as a parent, I have time to fix it before bed.

For finicky eaters because they call me to cultivate and communicate out of a place of peacefulness. They won’t respond if I don’t.

For Jesuit Volunteers and all those that give some portion of their life to stepping out of their comfort zone because it is a witness to me and an invitation to live more intentionally.

For times friends and loved ones hold a mirror up to my (drill sergeant) behavior because it helps me to grow and come to know myself better.

For my pilgrimage to World Youth Day because the experience of being a pilgrim changes you in ways that do not quickly wear off.

For being a parent because of the many ways it calls me to feel more deeply: both love and pain.

For good years and bad years because they are both part of my journey and I get to share it with Joshua.

For stay-at-home mom duties because I get to dedicate myself fully to my family, my children and my home.

For drums because it is only noise if you can’t hear the music in a child at play.

For my dishwasher because it is not only quiet enough to have a conversation in the same room, it also cleans dishes.

For aging because although Joshua’s hair is thinning and I have wrinkles (and graying hair) there is a little bit of maturity and wisdom that we earned along the way as well.

For being an only child because of the intimacy I enjoy and have always had with my parents.

For holding hands because it is dear and tender with a two-year-old, a middle schooler, a friend, a classmate, a parent or a spouse.

For this blog because of the opportunity it provides Joshua and I to intentionally reflect upon and integrate what we are learning about ourselves and our relationship in light of our shared faith.


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Happily Even After

Happily Even After

Josh and Stacey have been married for 16 years. They have three children–one of whom is newly a teenager. The Noems live in Indiana, where Stacey teaches in the Master of Divinity program at Notre Dame and Josh is a freelance writer.

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