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February 23, 2012

Sara: Justin and I have been talking about potential names for Baby Kraft for awhile now. It’s been interesting to see which names each of us likes, and dislikes. For instance, one of the first names Justin mentioned (for either a boy or a girl) was Casey, which has been one of his favorite names for many years. I, on the other hand, didn’t want to name my child after the boy who beat me up in fourth grade.

We seem to enjoy talking about the boy names more than the girl names.  We are not going to find out the gender of Baby Kraft at our ultrasound in just two weeks. However, I am convinced baby is a boy.  Justin, on the other hand, is not so
sure baby is a boy, and teases me I have a fifty percent chance of being right.

Justin: Sara is so sure it’s a boy that she doesn’t even believe we need to think of girl names, although, we do have one in mind.

We have decided that we are going to keep the names we like a secret, but we do enjoy telling people about the names we have ruled out. For example, the first name I thought of was Henry. However, Sara doesn’t like it. That’s why anytime I need a name for the baby I call him Henry.

Sara: Amazingly enough, despite all the names neither of us individually cared for, there was one name we really liked for a boy since before we told our parents about Baby Kraft. We liked it so well we have yet to come up with a name we like better. It’s unique enough that in his five years of teaching, Justin hasn’t had a single student in any of his classes with the name, yet something most people would have heard of and know how to pronounce. Until about a week ago, we were even pretty settled on the name if it’s a boy, but both reserved the right to change our minds at a later date.

Then I got on Facebook and saw a post about one of my acquaintances, whom I’ve only met once and lives on the other side of the country. He had announced the name of his baby boy due several months before Justin and me.  It was the SAME exact name – first AND middle as Justin and I had picked out. They were even going to use the same nickname we planned on using! At first, we were both so upset that we determined we needed a new favorite name. After all, we wanted our baby to have an original name, and didn’t want anyone to think we “copied” anyone else.

Justin: I said that I hope the ultrasound was wrong and that I hope Sara’s acquaintance has a girl!

Sara: After awhile, cooler heads prevailed. We decided if we truly liked the name, it shouldn’t stop us from naming our child that, especially as we stole the first name from some of our close friends who didn’t end up using it. However, we decided it’s still fair to be considering new boy names.

Justin: We both knew that it was unlikely that there would be no other individuals in the world with the exact same name, but we also know our baby will be one of a kind, a unique and irreplaceable creation by God. I think part of our disappointment about the name was that it felt like it was taking away part of that uniqueness. This of course is not true! So I think if we decide this is the name we want, I don’t think anything should stop us.

Oh, and there is always the possibility that we will be blessed with a girl!

Sara: What are your thoughts? Should we change our baby boy name because an acquaintance picked it, or should we still plan on naming our baby boy the original name we picked out?



Reader Comments (3)

  • If this other person is only an acquaintance who lives on the other side of the country and you will not likely be seeing or hanging out with them as your babies grow, then you should go with the name you really love and don’t worry about what anyone thinks. If you have a girl, no problem, but it seems women are usually pretty in tune with what they are having. If you are concerned about uniqueness, you might leave yourself open to other names you might hear or find. We didn’t settle on a name for our daughter until the last two weeks of my pregnancy and then we gave her three names, the first two because we liked them and they went well together and the last to honor my mom. So she kind of sounds like royalty now:)

  • I was due with my first of 4 daughters. As the first, we decided it would be a surprise. We picked out the name Moira Katherine for the girl’s name and Maximillian James if a boy. This was an early decision. We both LOVE the name Moira and it was my sister’s middle name. So when I was a month away from delivery, I ran into an old friend’s brother and I asked after her second pregnancy as she was due any day at that point. He said if it was a girl they were naming her Moira Catherine. WHAT??? And we live in nearby towns and see each other several time a year. Well, we both had the girls and named them Moira K(C)atherine. Our girls are 10 now and friends and are only a month apart. They love that they have a very unusual name but love to share it with each other. It gives them a bond.

    I also has a friend would had a Catherine Mary. We have very close friends whose 3rd daughter was born and they named her the exact name. My first friend thought it was unusual since the fams are so close…but now it doesn’t even matter since they are at least 10 years apart.

    So I wouldn’t worry too much about that…even if they were close by, your child is unique and will give their own spin to their name on personality alone…

    +JMJ+ Blessings on your first!!

  • If my parents had followed this ‘rule’ I wouldn’t have my name. My mom had a friend who was pregnant and had planned to name the baby my first name if the baby was a girl. My parents loved the name so much that they asked her friend if she would be offended if they named their baby the same name (these were pre-ultrasound days). The friend graciously replied that she didn’t have the ownership rights to any name. Sadly, they lost their baby (a boy). A few years later, they had a daughter and gave her ‘my’ name. And I got a neat story about how I’m named after someone who is younger than me. Oh, and the baby’s won’t have the same exact name – their last names will be different.


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Learning To Say I Do

Learning To Say I Do

Meet Sara and Justin. Married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012. They’re trying to make their Catholic faith a priority as they juggle work and home responsibilities.

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