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For Your Marriage

Sarah married her best friend Daniel in 2009. Each month she shares about their life filled with faith and family.


I was that lady this week, for the first time ever. The lady with the crying baby and a gazillion coupons in the grocery store checkout line.

Thankfully it was around one o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, so the store was almost empty, and I didn’t receive any of the dirty looks that I have heard other women complain of in the past. In fact, the woman behind me in line was jingling her keys in an attempt to cheer Charlie up—a very kind effort, but one which served only to make him (if possible) angrier. The cashier, too, very nicely stepped around the counter to rescue one of my coupons that fluttered to the ground beneath my cart. Passersby looked on in sympathy rather than annoyance, thank goodness.

Apparently poor Charlie was sleepy and just couldn’t manage to drift off in the baby carrier. Then, the moment I stepped through the doors and into the bright sunshine that caused Charlie to pinch his eyes shut, it was as though he suddenly realized that having his eyes closed felt nice. He was out. Yet another everyday event turned into an adventure by a three-month-old.

Yes, my little boy was three months old yesterday (Thursday)! It’s crazy how fast time is going by. I’m sure this weekend will prove to be an adventure as well, when he will be attending his first wedding (the first of three in the next five weeks). Daniel is a groomsman and will need to be there early, so Saturday really will be an all day affair, plus an hour drive there and an hour drive back. I hope Charlie handles everything well… I also hope that I am seated at the reception somewhere near a door or along a wall for an easy escape route.

Then after Mass on Sunday we are getting together with extended family on my mom’s side to celebrate my Pop-pop’s birthday, and later we’ll need to go shopping for food and supplies for Charlie’s baptism reception which is the following Sunday. I’m crossing my fingers that all of this weekend activity doesn’t throw Charlie all out of whack. We’ll see!