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For Your Marriage

Sarah married her best friend Daniel in 2009. Each month she shares about their life filled with faith and family.

Another Lesson Learned

The invitations are out! Daniel and I joked as we drove away from the post office that we really have to get married now. Everyone’s going to show up—it’s official. I spent all of my free time last week printing, punching out, and assembling invitations, response cards, and reception cards, as well as searching for addresses I had not yet found and addressing all of the envelopes in pseudo-calligraphy (cursive with a calligraphy pen).

Laura came over on Thursday night to help me put together the invitations themselves after I printed them, and on Friday night Laura, Daniel, and I all worked together. They look lovely. Just our style. We bought stamps on Saturday, put everything together, and sealed the envelopes. Finally, on Saturday night, Daniel and I drove to the post office and dropped them into the mail box one by one to get one final count so as to be extra extra sure that we didn’t leave any behind. And when we drove away, we thought we were done.

So here’s a lesson learned from which I hope someone reading this will benefit, since I’ll never have to do this again: always go to the post office when it is open and have your invitations weighed. My mom called me at work on Monday to tell me that a lady at the post office called her (since my parents’ house was the return address). Apparently my envelopes were .10 of an ounce over the one ounce weight limit, and of course we had only purchased 42 cent wedding stamps.

Rather than mark all of our envelopes, which were very clearly wedding invitations, with “Return to sender,” this very nice woman called my mom instead. So my mom went into the post office to purchase gorgeous 17 cent stamps (they were a picture of a ram-yikes) to add to the postage. If we had just gone in to have them weighed before dropping them in the box, the pretty wedding stamps we bought came in 69 cents, too! Regardless, the invitations are out and we don’t have to worry about them anymore. Depending on how quick people are to respond, we could start getting response cards any day now!

This weekend Daniel and I are going to the wedding of some friends of ours from college, which we are very excited about. It’s the first wedding we’ll have ever attended together, and incidentally it’s taking place in the same chapel we’ll find ourselves in almost exactly six weeks from now… six weeks!