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For Your Marriage

Sarah married her best friend Daniel in 2009. Each month she shares about their life filled with faith and family.

Full Term!

One more day, and I will be full term. Things are actually coming together pretty well. The nursery is finally being put together; my parents came over last weekend to bring the furniture and help assemble the crib. We decided on a layout for the room, but have yet to put everything in its place. That should happen this weekend. Of course, we have plenty of other stuff still going on. We (meaning Daniel) are installing flooring at the new house that my grandparents just bought, which we are doing in the evenings after Daniel gets home from work. Hopefully that will be finished sometime next week. Before installing the floors, Daniel had to tear out the wall-to-wall carpeting, which must have been installed by the previous owners when they decided to sell because it looks brand new. It is also a plush, neutral colored carpet which is just what we wanted for the nursery, so we cut ourselves a seven by ten piece to bring home.

Last Saturday we had our last childbirth class, and then I had my baby shower in the afternoon at a nearby park. The weather cooperated beautifully, so it was the perfect day for an outdoor party. Everything was very, very nice.

Sunday, as you know from last week’s entry, was our first wedding anniversary. We slept in, then drove up to our college campus for noon mass and to see the recent renovations in the chapel where we were married. Afterwards, we had planned to have lunch at the little Italian restaurant where we had gone for dinner after our reception last year. However, things never seem to go exactly like we plan them. We arrived at the restaurant to find that it had recently been closed by court order, according to the notice on the door. So, we drove down the road to the golf resort where our reception had taken place. For some reason, their dining room was also closed; we couldn’t find a sign explaining this, and the receptionist desk was mysteriously deserted. By this time I was famished, so we ended up stopping at a decent restaurant (although not our favorite by any means) on the way home. Our chicken Chesapeake sandwiches were, nonetheless, pretty good, and regardless of our changed plans Daniel and I spent a wonderful day together to celebrate our first year of marriage. Even the year-old top tier of our wedding cake was still delicious—my mom had done an excellent job wrapping it up for storage in their garage freezer.

All in all, last weekend was very busy but very fun. This weekend will be slightly less eventful; Tonight will be spent working on my grandparents’ floor. On Saturday we have a breastfeeding class in the morning, then a trip to Babies-R-Us to purchase a glider for the nursery, then Daniel has to work for a few hours while I do a couple of loads of baby laundry at home, and to end the day we have plans to babysit one of my little cousins. She will very likely already have been put to bed, as she usually is, so we will watch a movie and then pass out on the couch for the remainder of the evening. Sunday after mass, we will hopefully be getting a lot done at my grandparents’ house so that we will be able to finish the project next week without a problem.

There you have my most recent updates (hopefully not too boring)! I am so anxious for this baby to be born so that I can begin to share this next chapter of our lives with you all!