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For Your Marriage

Sarah married her best friend Daniel in 2009. Each month she shares about their life filled with faith and family.

Home Again

So, we made it home from Alabama safely and without any further damage, thank God! Of course, I guess we would have to be extremely unlucky to have a problem on both legs of the trip (or be extremely bad drivers).

At the rehearsal dinner last Friday, Daniel and his cousin Michael dressed up as Lloyd and Harry from the movie “Dumb and Dumber,” which they all love. Daniel was in the orange tuxedo and Michael was in the blue, with matching top hats and canes, which they used to swordfight into the party as they made their entrance. This was a surprise for John (Daniel had received approval from the bride, Katherine, beforehand), and as far as I could tell it was quite a hit—and of course entirely unexpected by nearly all of the guests.

As the wife of the best man, and family, I was present at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, then also had to be at the church at 8:30 the next morning (2 ½ hours early) for pictures. It was fun to be part of an event so steeped in southern traditions. Everything was planned and carried out just so—and from what I understand nearly all of the planning and decision-making was done by Katherine’s parents, so it was pretty stress-free for the bride and groom. It was also a Presbyterian ceremony rather than Catholic, so all in all it was different from ours on multiple levels. Still lovely, though, and I am so happy to have been there to help celebrate their union in Christian marriage.

In other news, I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon (27 weeks!). This is when I’m scheduled to do my glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes. I’m hoping that the orange glucose drink is not as bad as some people have said it is, and that I don’t feel like passing out after I drink it, like others have said they did…

I’m pretty sure that after this appointment I start going in every two weeks rather than every four, since I’m starting my third trimester! Time is really flying now. My official last day of work is set for Friday, April 16th, only a little over a month away. I can’t believe that I’m almost “finished working”, but I am really looking forward to meeting my baby (duh!) and spending every day loving and taking care of him or her. It’s just incredible to me that I’m already six months pregnant—two thirds of the way there!