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For Your Marriage

Sarah married her best friend Daniel in 2009. Each month she shares about their life filled with faith and family.

Home Improvement

Charlie is one month old today– I can’t believe it! We had his one month checkup this morning, and the doctor says he is perfect. He has already grown an inch and a half and is three and a half pounds heavier than his birth weight. And for the last two nights he has given us a four to five hour stretch of sleep at night, which has made Daniel and me very happy.

For the past week, my little family has been staying at my parents’ house (about ten minutes down the road from ours) because last Thursday we discovered a leak in our hot water heater that was flooding the closet in which it was located and spreading out into the nursery. It was a very slow leak that we never noticed before, so it must have been like that for a long time.

Anyway, Daniel had to shut off the water at our house, remove the old water heater, tear out the laminate floors that had soaked up water and the drywall that was covered in black mold, scrape the mold off of the particle board subflooring and bleach what was left, then set up fans to attempt to dry it all out before a new water heater could be installed. The drying took a couple of days and it seems like all the mold was killed; Daniel installed the new water heater on Tuesday. Since then he’s been putting things back together, including laying new flooring where it had been torn up.

We are going back home tonight, which I am very glad about– although it has been quite nice to spend the week with Charlie’s aunts and uncles, who are always happy to hold him to give me a break. The timing was pretty good, actually. We slept in my sister Marie’s basement bedroom for the first few nights while she was in Florida babysitting our cousins, then moved up to my parents’ bedroom when my parents and two of my siblings left for Nashville, TN. They’ve been gone all week, so Daniel, Charlie, and I have had a place to stay while helping to keep an eye on things at my parents’ house.

Since Daniel went back to work last week, I have had a lot of time to get used to taking care of Charlie on my own. Daniel has been off at his full-time job, his part-time job, and his summer course, plus working on fixing the flood mess at our house while we’ve been at my parents’ this week.

That pretty much covers how things have been for us– pretty crazy. Soon, though, they will hopefully be less so. Daniel only has two more weeks of class before he is finished with his master’s degree completely, and he will be starting a new job on August 4th that pays better and should allow him to work from home some of the time…

I guess that’s it for now!