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Seek and Find Your Vocation

Pope Francis Corner: Seek and Find Your Vocation

In an address to young people from the Diocese of Rome on a vocation retreat, Pope Francis reflected on the role of Mary in our lives. Following this beautiful reflection on Our Blessed Mother, he spoke to the young people about their discernment and vocation, calling them to choose the definitive over the provisional:

“I wish you a good journey of discernment. The Lord has his vocation for each one of us, the place where He wants us to live our life. But we must seek and find it, and then continue to go forward.

“I would like to add something else – beyond that of the Church and Our Lady – is the meaning of the definitive. This is important for us, because we are living in a culture of the provisional: yes, this, but for a time, and for another time … Will you marry? Yes, yes, but until love lasts, then each one to his own home again …

“A Bishop told me that a boy, a youth, a young professional said to him: ‘I would like to become a priest, but only for ten years.’” The provisional is like that. We are afraid of the definitive. And to choose a vocation, any vocation, also those vocations ‘of state,’ marriage, consecrated life, the priesthood, one must choose with a perspective of the definitive. Opposed to this is the culture of the provisional. It is a part of culture that we must live in this time, but we must live it and overcome it.”

Pope Francis has spoken a number of times about the importance of young people discerning their vocation and committing to it. He spoke about the importance and beauty of saying “yes” forever in marriage during his Valentine’s Day Address (Read the Pope Francis Corner). May Mary guide all in the journey of discernment of their call to serve the Lord.

Source: Zenit News