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For Your Marriage

Sarah married her best friend Daniel in 2009. Each month she shares about their life filled with faith and family.

Writer’s Block

I have a very bad case of writer’s block right now, so you’re not going to get anything especially witty or inspiring from me today. Not that I am claiming to be witty or inspiring ever, although I do try sometimes… but today I’ve got nothing.

Last Saturday, Daniel, Charlie, and I attended yet another wedding. Not that I’m complaining; I love weddings and I love the beautiful new married couple, Charlie’s godparents Mike and Leanna. You may remember Leanna as the guest coauthor of the entry written the week after my wedding last year, along with Caroline. Caroline was with us on Saturday, and was actually Charlie’s “date” for the wedding! Anyway, the ceremony and reception were both lovely and we are so very happy for Mike and Leanna.

Nothing much new is going on; Charlie is growing like crazy and I’m starting to wonder where my little baby is going. I know that’s pathetic, considering he’s only four months old, but still. He’s “talking”, laughing, sitting up with a little help, and actually enjoying playing on his tummy on the floor. Every morning when he wakes up, he kicks and waves his arms all around, squealing with a huge grin on his face at the prospect of a brand new day. I didn’t think anything could ever turn me into an early morning person, but Charlie is doing it.

Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch, but it certainly is difficult to be grumpy, even at six in the morning, when you’re looking at such an adorable face that is clearly so happy to see you. Daniel shifted his work hours last week so that he can have an extra half an hour here in the morning while Charlie is in such a good mood and ready to play. He gets really cranky in the evening when it gets close to his bedtime, which is right around seven. But my goodness, during the day when he is happy and playful…I love my job!