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For Your Marriage

Keep the Faith

Rob & Kathy were high school sweethearts who have been married for thirty years.  They have been blessed with five children—four out of college, the oldest three now married—and three grandchildren. A Coast Guard family, they grew up in Connecticut, and have lived in several states along the East and Gulf Coasts over the course of their marriage. They currently reside in Maryland.

Kathy enjoys tracking weather and the anticipation of snow or other major events; Rob, not so much. Rob is excited to work out daily; Kathy works out, but isn’t as excited about it. They are working towards visiting all 50 states. Rob has been to 46, and Kathy to 40…although they disagree on the definition of ‘visiting’ a state.

This blog will incorporate themes they include in marriage preparation with new couples, combined with lessons they are still learning in their daily experiences as husband and wife, parents, and grandparents.