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How to Learn NFP Online

Most NFP instructors will agree that the best way to learn NFP is to meet with an instructor. There’s nothing like meeting face to face for getting the best information and having your questions answered.

But if there’s some reason you can’t take a class in your local area (did you know our Find Support locator can help you find local NFP classes?), below are some resources that meet the USCCB’s Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry that also offer online programs. Most have classes in both English and Spanish and include the option to talk with a qualified instructor(s) over video chat or phone.

To learn more about NFP check out our page – What is NFP?

Online NFP Resources
Billings Ovulation Method Association
Couple to Couple League
Marquette University College of Nursing Institute for NFP
SymptoPro Fertility Education

Distance Learning
Family of the Americas
Offers a client correspondence course via the US Postal system, with an interactive CD program as part of the curriculum.

For more detailed information on the above Online/Distance Learning options for learning NFP, please visit our NFP Page on