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For Your Marriage

National Marriage Week Contest Rules

During National Marriage Week (Feb. 7-14), For Your Marriage will run a contest on social media. By entering the contest, contestants agree to these rules, including the Agreement for Entry in Contest (below).

  1. Entry into the contest: a contestant will be entered into the contest by replying to a contest question posted on social media; a different question will be posted each day from February 7-13)*
  2. Age of contestants: all contestants must be older than 18
  3. Number of entries: only one entry per day is allowed; a contestant may enter again on an additional day or days by answering an additional question or questions
  4. Permissible entries: entries should in good faith attempt to answer the question asked; entries that do not will be deleted
  5. Selection of the winners: each morning (February 8-14), a winner will be selected from the previous day’s entries (received before 12 midnight Eastern Time)
  6. Announcement of winners: after the winner is selected, his/her name will be announced on social media
  7. Prize: each day’s prize is a pair of ForYourMarriage water bottles from the USCCB store; a total of 8 prizes will be given
  8. Sending prize to winner: each day’s winner will be asked to contact and send his/her mailing address; the prize will then be mailed to the winner.
Fine print (Agreement for Entry in Contest):
*By submitting an entry in the For Your Marriage National Marriage Week contest (“Entry”), the Contestant agrees that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (“Conference”) shall be the sole and exclusive owner of Contestant’s entry, including but not limited to the copyright, and that Conference shall own or be licensed to use any materials and/or elements embodied in the Entry which are not original to Contestant, to indemnify and hold harmless Conference from and against any and all claims, suits and costs which Conference may incur arising from the entry and Contestant’s preparation of the entry, and that Conference may assign, license or otherwise transfer its rights under this Agreement and that this Agreement shall inure to the benefit of Conference’s assigns, successors and licensees. Contestant agrees that this Agreement has been made in the District of Columbia, and that any and all claims arising from this Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia.