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You’re engaged; congratulations! What a joyful and exciting time in the life of a couple, preparing to say “Yes” to each other forever before God in marriage. During your time of dating, you probably had many heart to heart conversations about many things. Now that you’ve taken a definitive step toward becoming husband and wife in the sacrament of marriage, it’s important to revisit, or maybe visit for the first time, topics that will impact your lives together. The Must Have Conversations list can be a good place to start.

The For Your Marriage website has much to offer engaged couples.

  • Getting Married Catholic: the basic timeline and required steps for getting married in the Church
  • Marriage Prep Resources: a list of high-quality marriage preparation programs; you’ll need to check with your pastor about what is required in your diocese
  • Planning a Catholic Wedding: tips and advice on everything for your wedding day, from the budget to music, the Marriage Rite to readings
  • “Saying ‘I Do’“: What Happens at a Catholic Wedding”: video all about the three options for the Marriage Rite
  • FAQs for Engaged Couples: includes common questions like, “How do I know he/she is ‘the one’?”
  • Second Marriages: for couples marrying after death of a spouse or declaration of nullity of a prior union

Other articles for engaged couples:

Finally, you may enjoy reading the reflections of couples who have blogged at For Your Marriage during their engagements:


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Engaged, available at: ForYourMarriage.org
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