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Engagement and Newlyweds

  • FaithFoley Yours: Brooke and Tim are high school sweethearts who grew up in Southeastern Virginia. Even though they were only 16 when they started dating, they knew immediately that they had found the one God was calling them to marry. They went to different DC-area universities, and after almost six years of dating Tim proposed just two months before their undergraduate graduation. It was Good Friday when Tim dropped to one knee, and Brooke happily said “yes” to spending the rest of her life imaging Christ’s loving sacrifice on the cross in her future marriage to Tim. The wedding is set for June 30, 2017 on the campus of Brooke’s alma mater, Catholic University, with a wedding liturgy and celebration together with 125 of their beloved family and friends.
  • Created and Called Into Love (archives): Tommy was born in Plymouth, PA and works as the campus minister for a Catholic high school in Louisiana. Katie grew up in Lake Charles, LA and has been working as a youth minister and teacher since 2011. Katie and Tommy met after he read a blog she posted and messaged her on Facebook. After fifteen months of long distance dating, Tommy moved to Lake Charles. The couple was married in June 2016.
  • Set Me as a Seal (archives): Megan grew up in West Central Wisconsin. She studied Theology and Spanish at the University of St. Thomas and is currently working toward a Master of Linguistics degree at the University of Chile. She met her husband Juan while studying abroad. Juan grew up on a farm in Tinguiririca, Chile and is currently finishing his degree in Agronomic Science at the Pontifical University of Chile. The couple was married in July 2015.
  • School of Agape (archives): Anthony grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania. He studied at The Catholic University of America and now teaches Physics at a Catholic high school in Virginia. Sara  grew up in Wisconsin. She studied at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and is now a writer and editor for the American Institute of Physics. Anthony and Sara met at the National Shrine in Washington D.C. and were married in July 2014.
  • Learning to Say ‘I Do’ (archives): Meet Sara and Justin. Married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012. Their blog details their experiences of trying to make their Catholic faith a priority as they juggle work and home responsibilities.

Married Life

  • From Vow ’til Now: Dennis and Mary Jo write from their home in Hamburg, New York. Over 30 years ago, as a couple of starry-eyed kids just out of college, they made a promise to love and honor each other “all the days of their lives.” With the blessings of five children and now grandchildren, their journey continues.
  • Happily Even After: Josh and Stacey have been married for 16+ years. They have three children – one of whom is newly a teenager. The Noems live in Indiana, where Stacey teaches in the Master of Divinity program at Notre Dame and Josh is a freelance writer.
  • Two to Tango: Troy and Kathleen live near Chicago with their five beautiful children, ages baby to college bound, and have three little souls in Heaven. They met at the University of Notre Dame when paired up to perform a dance together for a Christmas show. Troy is a Senior Global Project Manager for SAP, an international IT Consulting firm; and Kathleen has a BA in theology. Together Troy and Kathleen started from the ground up and currently direct a vibrant parish based marriage ministry.
  • Wonder Doubled (archives): “…gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” – G.K. Chesterton   Timothy and Donna have been married for over fifteen years after meeting in the gambling tent while volunteering at their parish carnival. They were engaged in St. Peter’s Basilica during a pilgrimage to Italy. They enjoy caring for, photographing, and sharing the beauty of creation. They enjoy exploring the Catholic principles of distributism and subsidiarity.
  • Sarah’s Blog (archives): Sarah has a bachelor of arts degree in Communication Studies and a passion for communicating her Catholic faith, especially with youth. On May 16, 2009 she married her best friend, Daniel. Faith and Family are the two most important things in her life, and she wouldn’t trade either for the world.

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