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For Your Marriage

Teachings about Catholic marriage from our Holy Father.

Pope Encourages Married Couples, Providing Three Key Words to Strengthen Marriages

On Thursday, July 28, 2016, Pope Francis spoke from his balcony to young people present in Krakow, Poland. The primary focus of his address was married life. Pope Francis listed and explained “three key words” for married couples to embrace in their everyday lives, a theme he returns to often. These three words, which Pope Francis said strengthen marriages, are “permission, thanks, and forgiveness.”

Pope Francis advised spouses to seek out the opinion of the other before making decisions. He also suggested that spouses express gratitude to each other frequently, for “the sacramental relationship is maintained with this sentiment of gratitude, of thanks.” Finally, Pope Francis concluded his address by emphasizing the value and importance of forgiveness in the context of married life. The pope encouraged married persons to strive to end each day in harmony and peace with each other.

Pope Francis called out all young married couples in particular, declaring how courageous they are for partaking in the Sacrament of Marriage: “I tell them that they are the ones who have courage, because it’s not easy to form a family.” The Pope invited the youth present at his balcony address to pray for all engaged and married couples, as well as for families. Read the full address here.