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For Your Marriage

Meet Sara and Justin. They married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.

The Kindness of Others

Sara: So, I posted this great link the other day on my Facebook account to keep everyone updated on the birth of our Baby.

It asks, “So, have you had that Baby yet?” and is followed by a link to a website.

The website simply states “Nope.”

Being over 40 weeks pregnant, with heat in 100+ degree temperatures, I’m more than ready to have Baby. I feel like a broken record as I continue to complain about it!

Unfortunately, patience isn’t my strong point, as those who know me best can attest.

However, I continue to be impressed by the kindness of others. This week, as we headed into the doctors’ office, all the seats in the waiting room were taken. My ankles were swollen, and I almost started to cry because I knew I couldn’t stand and wait for our appointment. Thankfully, a family member of one of the patients gave up her seat so I could sit down.

In addition, this weekend, Justin and I both headed to Confession because we both wanted to be in a state of grace before Baby was born. The line for Confession wrapped all the way out the church door, and the first person in line offered to let me “budge” in front of her so I wouldn’t have to wait in line. Since I didn’t feel right “budging” in line, I had another person at the end of the line save me a spot while I prayed.

While I really would have liked to have Baby yesterday (as my colleagues, friends, and family will tell you), I’ve been fortunate to see the kindness of both friends and strangers during this time. So often, we talk about our nation not respecting life, especially the life of unborn babies. As I’ve hit my third trimester, I’ve noticed there’s no longer any question if the lump under my clothes is a “fetus” or a “baby.” It’s always been a baby when others speak of it.

Justin: Watching others treat Sara with so much respect makes clear the truth that life begins at conception!

We all recognize this truth when we see a mother. So why does our culture and so many people try to explain it away or hide behind dehumanizing language?

Because having a baby is scary! I often wonder if I will be up to the task of being a good father and this fear persists despite having the love and support of Sara.

I can only imagine the apprehension and fear of so many who must face parenthood alone. I am reminded of something a member of the Sisters of Life, a religious community in New York, said in a talk I attended. She said that the sisters fight for the right to life by removing fear. With each woman, they seek to identify their fears one by one and remove them one obstacle at a time.

Amazingly, when all fear is removed we are all free to love.

We underestimate how much we can lift the hearts of others through a little kindness and the power it has to eliminate fear.

Sara: Amazingly, people increasingly help me out – whether it’s holding the door, carrying items for me, or offering me help after Baby is born. Without this time of being “overdue,” I couldn’t have had the opportunity to give others the opportunity to help or show their support.

While I’m grateful for this time, I still hope Baby comes soon!