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For Your Marriage

Marriage Rx

All relationships need help from time to time. Each article in Marriage Rx discusses the symptoms of a common but perplexing problem and offers a prescription to keep your marriage healthy.

The Empty Nest by Judy Clark

Resolving Differences by Kathy Beirne

Parenting Teens by Lynda Madison

Career Conflicts by Susan Vogt

Remarriage by Bill Urbine

Personality Differences by Judy Clark

Recreation by Mary Jo Pedersen

Making Moral Decisions by Joanne Heaney-Hunter

Parenting to Beat the Bedtime Blues by Lynda Madison

The Marital Sexual Relationship by Don Paglia

Finances: Yours/Mine/Ours by Judy Clark

Interfering In-Laws by Kathy Beirne

Sharing Household Duties by Mary Jo Pedersen

How Much Does Faith Matter? by Susan Vogt

Balancing Family and Work by Jim Healy, Ph.D.

When Your Marriage Hits the Boredom Rut by Don Paglia